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Industrial Switch’s 4 common installation methods

The common installation methods of industrial switches are mainly divided into four types, installation on the desktop, installation on the rack, DIN rail industrial switch installation and wall-mounted industrial switch installation. JHA Tech will take you to learn more about it below.


  1. Installation method of placing it flat on the desktop

 The industrial switch can be placed directly on a smooth, flat and safe desktop. Make sure there is enough space in the working environment and ventilation and heat dissipation space for the equipment. But you need to pay attention to the following two points:


  1. Ensure that the physical surface of the switch can withstand a weight of more than 3kg;
  2. Make sure there is 3-5cm of space around the switch, and do not place heavy objects on the switch.


  1. How to install the rack

 The industrial switch chassis can be fixed on the rack through brackets. Generally, two L-shaped chassis mounting ears have been installed at the factory. The operation method is as follows: Generally, a standard chassis is used, which means a standard installation cabinet is required.


  1. DIN rail type industrial switch installation

 General industrial switches are installed using standard DIN rails, which is very convenient for most industrial applications. The installation steps are as follows:


  1. Check whether you have DIN-Rail rail installation tool accessories;
  2. Adjust the product to the correct installation direction, that is, the power terminal is upward;
  3. First clamp the upper part of the product guide rail (the part with the circlip) into the guide rail, and then clamp the lower part into the guide rail with a little force;
  4. After inserting the DIN rail card into the rail, check to confirm whether the product is balanced and reliably fixed on the DIN rail;


  1. Wall-mounted industrial switch installation

 Switch installation is very common in industrial field applications. The installation instructions are as follows:


  1. Use a screwdriver to remove all 4 screws at screw 1 and screw 3. The screws at Screw 2 will be removed together depending on whether the on-site installation space is sufficient (it is recommended to keep them if there is enough space);
  2. Rotate the removed wall-mounted ear 180°, align it with the screw hole, and fix it again. Loose screws or slip wires may cause fatal damage to the device. Please check whether the screws are fixed in place;
  3. Just fix it in the reserved wall-mounting holes on the wall-mounting ears.


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