The Introduce of New Arrival Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch with 8 10G SFP+ Slot

JHA-MIWS08H is an cost-effective,high performance managed industrial Ethernet switch. The switch supports 8 10G SFP+ Slot and also support WEB, CLI, Telnet/serial console, Windows utility, and SNMP management of a variety of ways, rich QoS features for data traffic control and management, support ring protocol, RSTP and STP Ethernet redundancy support port-based VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN and GVRP protocol.The use of a Ring technology (network fault recovery <20ms) the user can easily set the redundant ring network to increase network reliability.

The product also is industrial design, and can be widely used in automotive PIS, CCTV, video surveillance systems, train control system,smart city, but also applies to any vibration shock, EMC compatibility requirements of harsh industrial applications, can meet a variety of industrial site requirements to achieve higher reliability.



Here are some key features of 10G industrial switches:

Multiple Protections to Improve Performance

The switch supports 15kV ESD protection, 8kV surge protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection and redundancy protection.


Stable Transmission,Superior Performance

Adopt store and forward mode, automatically learn and update MAC address, comprehensively improve the transmission and exchange performance of local network data, reduce transmission failure, ensure stable, reliable and efficient data transmission.Switch performance as following:

Exchange capacity:160G

Packet forwarding rate 95.23Mpps

MAC Table Size: 16K

Delay Time: < 10μs

VLAN Support and Quantity: 4K


Multiple Usage Scenarios

Managed industrial Ethernet switch is suitable for smart city,intelligent transportation,Power,Energy,automation industry, petrochemical industries and so on harsh environment.


5-year Warranty

Every 8-port managed 10G industrial Ethernet switch is rigorously tested for reliability, quality, and performance. We supply 5-year warranty for whole products and lifetime technical support.


Come to JHA to learn more about industrial switches and commercial switches.JHA Tech is one of the leading fiber optic communication and security transmission product manufacturers,which has specialized in industrial switches,PoE switch,media converter,video optical transceiver and so on. 

Post time: Nov-25-2022