What are the risks or disadvantages of PoE power supply technology in engineering applications?

1. Insufficient power, the receiving end can’t move: 802.3af standard (PoE) output power is less than 15.4W, which is sufficient for general IPC, but for high-power front-end equipment such as dome cameras, the output power cannot reach To request.

2. Risk is too concentrated: Generally speaking, a PoE switch will supply power to multiple front-end IPCs at the same time. Any failure of the POE power supply module of the switch will cause all cameras to fail to work, and the risk is too concentrated.

3. High equipment and maintenance costs: Compared with other power supply methods, PoE power supply technology will increase the workload of after-sales maintenance. In the sense of safety and stability, independent power supply has the best stability and safety.


Post time: Oct-29-2021