What is a broadcast storm&Ethernet ring?

What is a broadcast storm?

A broadcast storm simply means that when the broadcast data floods the network and cannot be processed, it occupies a large amount of network bandwidth, resulting in the inability of normal services to run, or even complete paralysis, and a “broadcast storm” occurs. A data frame or packet is transmitted to each node on the local network segment (defined by the broadcast domain) is a broadcast; due to the design and connection problems of the network topology, or other reasons, the broadcast is copied in a large number within the network segment, spreading the data frame, This leads to the degradation of network performance and even network paralysis, which is called a broadcast storm.  

What is an Ethernet ring?

An Ethernet ring (commonly known as a ring network) is a ring topology consisting of a group of IEEE 802.1 compliant Ethernet nodes, each node communicates with the other two nodes through an 802.3 Media Access Control (MAC) based ring port. The Ethernet MAC can be carried by other service layer technologies (such as SDHVC, Ethernet pseudowire of MPLS, etc.), and all nodes can communicate directly or indirectly. 3

Post time: Aug-29-2022