What is a Mini Optical Transceiver?

Today, with the prevalence of the Internet, the networks we usually use are inseparable from the role of transceivers. There are many kinds of transceivers. With the sharp increase in the demand for network capacity, transceivers are derived from POE transceivers. Managed, Managed, and Mini Optical Transceivers. What is a mini transceiver: The mini transceiver is further divided into a 100M fiber transceiver and a Gigabit fiber transceiver to realize the photoelectric signal conversion of Ethernet. Its characteristic is that a pair of (core) optical fibers can be used to transmit and receive optical signals synchronously, because the signals are transmitted in the optical fibers in the form of optical pulses. 尺寸图 Advantages of Mini MINI Optical Transceiver: 1. Good data confidentiality, easy maintenance, low power consumption, fast transmission speed, automatic identification between 10/100/1000M at the RJ45 end, support for SFP port 1000Base, no manual operation, support between half duplex and full duplex mode conversion. At the same time, it comes with a high-quality chip, which has the processing ability and recognition ability of efficient distribution and decoding, strong anti-interference ability, and longer transmission. The transmission distance is very suitable for LAN and MAN networking, and the modular design is convenient for centralized management on the rack. It can easily realize the interconnection between various network devices, and is suitable for telecommunications, radio and television, broadband networks, security monitoring and other network environments that require high performance and high reliabi 2. Support store and forward or pass-through transparent transmission mode, and support link failover (LFP) function. Optional dual-fiber/single-fiber, SFP, SC/FC/ST and other optical fiber interfaces. 3. Small appearance design, support 1U rack installation, convenient installation, debugging and transportation. 4. The power supply adopts a double backup design, which is powered by the main and backup power supplies and can be automatically switched. Provide reliable source voltage, with automatic load balancing function, provide standard voltage for single slot voltage, ensure the reliability and stability of fiber optic transceivers, and provide conditions for life consistency. Summary: In the era of big data with rapid business traffic growth, the development of technology is becoming more and more diversified. High speed, stability, lightness, flexibility, safety and reliability have become the pursuit and love of today’s users. Mini optical fiber transceivers can be said to be It meets the needs of users very well.

Post time: Feb-22-2022