What is an optical module?

The optical module is composed of optoelectronic devices, functional circuits and optical interfaces. The optoelectronic device includes two parts: transmitting and receiving. Simply put, the function of the optical module is to convert the electrical signal into an optical signal at the sending end, and after transmission through the optical fiber, the receiving end converts the optical signal into an electrical signal. The optical module is used for the transmission carrier between the switch and the device, and is the core device in the optical fiber communication system. The main function is that the transmitting end converts the electrical signal of the device into an optical signal.

Package Types of Optical Modules

1. 1X9 package optical module

2. GBIC optical module

3. SFP optical module

4. XFP optical module

5. SFP+ optical module

6. XPAK optical module

7. XENPAK optical module

8. X2 optical module

9. CFP optical module JHAQC10-3

Post time: Aug-14-2022