What is the difference between a POE switch and a normal switch?

1. Different reliability:

POE switches are switches that support power supply to network cables. Compared with ordinary switches, power-receiving terminals (such as APs, digital cameras, etc.) do not need to perform power wiring, and are more reliable for the entire network.

2. Different functions:

In addition to providing the transmission function of ordinary switches, the POE switch can also provide power supply to the equipment at the other end of the network cable.

3. Different advantages:

PoE switches have many advantages. In addition to not requiring additional cables, they can also save costs. The system is more flexible, and later upgrades and maintenance are simple.

4. Different controls:

The difference between PoE switches and ordinary switches is that some PoE switches with good performance can also easily manage the power supply of each PoE port and the entire device through the user-friendly operation interface, which is more convenient to control.

 managed industrial PoE switch

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Post time: Feb-24-2023