What is the working principle of the ring network switch?

The ring network switch works at the data link layer, with a high-bandwidth back bus and internal switching matrix. After the control circuit receives the data packet, the processing port looks up the address reference table in the memory to determine which port the network card (network card) of the target MAC (network card hardware address) is connected to. Data packets are quickly transmitted to the destination port through the internal switching matrix. If the target MAC does not exist, it will be broadcast to all ports. After receiving the port response, the ring network switch will “learn” the new MAC address and add it to the internal MAC address table.It is also possible to use ring network switches to “segment” the network. By comparing the IP address table, the ring network switch allows only necessary network traffic to pass through the ring network switch.Through the filtering and forwarding of the ring network switch, the collision domain can be effectively reduced, but the network layer broadcast cannot be divided, that is, the broadcast domain.

Loop switch port. The loop switch can transmit data between multiple port pairs at the same time. Each port can be regarded as a separate physical network segment (Note: non-IP network segment). Network devices connected to it can enjoy all bandwidth without competing with other devices.When node A sends data to node D, node B can send data to node C at the same time, and both nodes enjoy all the bandwidth of the network and have their own virtual connections.If a 10Mbps Ethernet ring network switch is used, the total flow of the ring network switch is equal to 2*10Mbps=20Mbps. When a 10Mbps shared hub is used, the total flow of the hub does not exceed 10Mbps.In short, the ring switch is a network device based on MAC address identification, which can complete the encapsulation and forwarding functions of data frames. The ring switch can “learn” the MAC address and store it in the internal address table. By establishing a temporary switching path between the initiator and the target receiver of the data frame, the data frame can directly reach the target address from the source address.

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Ring switch drive. The transmission mode of the ring switch is full-duplex, half-duplex, full-duplex/half-duplex adaptive. The full duplex of the ring network switch means that the ring network switch can receive data while sending data. These two processes are synchronized, as we usually say, we can also hear each other’s voice when we speak. All ring switches support full duplex. The advantages of full duplex are small delay and fast speed.

When we talk about full-duplex, we cannot ignore another concept that is closely related to it, that is, “half-duplex.” The so-called half-duplex means that only one action occurs in a period of time. For example, a narrow road can only pass one car at the same time. When two vehicles are driving in opposite directions, only one measure can be taken in this case. This example illustrates the principle of half-duplex. Early walkie-talkies and early hubs were half-duplex products. With the continuous advancement of technology, the half-double union gradually withdrew from the stage of history.

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