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8 Ports 10/100M PoE+2 100M RJ45 Uplink Port | Smart PoE Switch JHA-P10208CBMH

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10-بندر PoE ونجول، سره د 8-بندر 10 / 100Base-T (X) IEEE802.3 af / په PoE2-بندر 100Base-T (X) Uplink بندر

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JHA-P10208CBMH series switches provide from one network node uses Cat5 cable simultaneous transmission of data and power, when AC power is not power or take power inconvenient (such as PTZ cameras and WiMAX devices), JHA-P10208CBMH series is designed for wireless networks, security automation applications.
JHA-P10208CBMH series switches dramatically reduces the cost of wiring the power user, wireless LAN access points, video surveillance cameras and other equipment must be spent to better support the new services and applications, providing users with a higher flexibility and mobility.
Advanced self-sensing algorithm only for standard PD terminal equipment power supply, and therefore do not need to worry about damage to private or non-standard PoE PoE equipment. Simple and reliable design, JHA-P10208CBMH series of automatic identification PoE requirements, speed, duplex, and use Auto Up link TM type of cable.


*8*10/100mbps POE port;2*10/100mbps UP Link port
*250m Distance
*Watchdog Function.
*Supports Quality of Service (QoS)
*Whole Power:120W(52V 2.3A),Internal power supply.
*All port supported by MDI/MDIX auto flip and self negotiation
*Supply 8 10/100Mpbs adaptive high speed forwarding data packet non-lost port.
*Support IEEE802.3x flow control for Full-duplex mode and backpressure for Half-duplex mode.
*Each port max. power supply reached 30W.



8 + 2 پورټ 250m POE سویچ (په کې جوړ شوی)

ماډل JHA-P10208CBMH
د پوټ پورټ له 1 څخه تر 8 پورې IEEE802.3AF / AT معیاري ملاتړ کوي
وتۍ ځواک 15.4W / 30W IEEE802.3af / at
د بریښنا پن دواړه 1/2 + 、 3 / 6- او 4/5 + 7 / 8-
ټوله ځواک 20120W (52V 2.3A)
پوسټ پروټوکول IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at
د پوسټ ډول د پای موده
د بریښنا واټن ≤250m
جال معیاري IEEE 802.3 、 IEEE802.3u 、 802.3x 、 802.3af / at
د جال منځنۍ 10 / 100BASE-TX: 5 ټولګی او پورته غیر شیلډ شوی جوړه جوړه
د معلوماتو فاصله ≤250m
وړتیا بدل کړئ 1.6Gbps
د وړاندې کولو اکر ذخیره او وړاندې
د سپارلو کچه 10BASE-T: 14880PPS / پورټ 100BASE-tx : 14800pps / بندر
د مایک پته د میک ادرس جدول 1K
د درشل فنکشن د ځواک لومړیتوب میکانیزم ، ګړندی او مخکې ، د میک اتومات زده کړه او عمرIEEE802.3X د نیم ډپلیکس حالت لپاره بشپړ ډوپلیکس او حالت او backpressure
د LED شاخص LINK / ACT.100MBS؛ د POE وضعیت شاخص؛ د بریښنا شاخص tend توسیع کونکی
کاري چاپیریال Working temperature:-10°– 55°C
وزن 1.7 کلو
اندازه 202mm*140mm*45mm(L*W*H)



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8 * 10 / 100M PoE Port + 2 * 100M RJ45 Port ، ټولټال: 120W ، د VLAN سره د بریښنا انرژي چمتو کول

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