Application of Industrial Switch in Rail Transit Vehicle System

As we all know, almost every city has industrial and rail transit, and industrial switches are indispensable in rail transit, so do you know the application of industrial switches in rail vehicle systems?

Rail transit PIS system is a system that relies on multimedia network technology, takes computer system as the core, and provides information services to passengers with stations and vehicle-mounted display terminals as the medium. Under normal circumstances, the PIS system provides passengers with travel information, service time of the first and last trains of the train, train arrival time, train timetable, manager announcements and other operational information, as well as government announcements, media news, live events, advertisements and other public media Coordinated use of information;In an emergency, based on the principle of priority use of operational information, dynamic auxiliary prompts can be provided, so that passengers can take rail transit safely and conveniently through correct service information guidance.

Use Ethernet to collect and transmit monitoring data and video signals to improve network security and ensure the reliability of system networking; transmit data to each control center in a timely and error-free manner. Due to the harsh environment of the use site, there are very high requirements for the material and performance of the product, not only the standard limits of vibration, jitter, wide temperature, humidity and power supply system, but also to avoid the reduction of communication quality caused by electromagnetic interference.


Post time: Feb-15-2022