Detailed explanation of serial server application field and application plan

The serial port server provides the serial port to network function, so that the serial port device can immediately have the TCP/IP network interface function, connect to the network for data communication, greatly expand the communication distance of the serial port device, and have a wide range of applications.

Serial Server Application Field
The serial port server has a wide range of applications, mainly in access control systems, attendance systems, vending systems, POS systems, building automation systems, self-service banking systems, telecom room monitoring, power monitoring, etc.

Serial Server Application Scheme
Traditional network access control management systems mostly use bus connections, and the communication distance of the bus is generally less than 1200m, and there are problems such as wiring in the early stage of the access control engineering design. Therefore, TCP/IP access control machines based on the existing internet are produced. The communication distance, wiring difficulty, and the technical content of the products for customers are enough to make TCP/IP network access control the new favorite of security engineering.



However, due to the high cost of the new TCP/IP network access control machine, and the problem of compatibility with the traditional access control machine after the installation of the access control. The serial port server is compatible with traditional access control systems and can be upgraded to network TCP/IP access control with only small changes.

Use can quickly transform the traditional access control machine into a network access control machine, and can be compatible with the original access control machine (that is, there are both traditional access control machine and network access control machine) network. The serial port server specifically increases the transparent transmission parameter settings for the application of security and access control products, which has greater advantages and flexibility than the serial port servers on the market. After using the serial server, the traditional access control can be transformed into a TCP/IP network access control.

Post time: Nov-11-2021