How to choose the right PoE switch?

Switches are commonly used in weak current projects, especially POE switches. POE is also called a local area network-based power supply system (POL, Power over LAN) or Active Ethernet (Active Ethernet), sometimes referred to as Power over Ethernet. This is the latest standard specification for simultaneously transmitting data and electric power using existing standard Ethernet transmission cables, and maintains compatibility with existing Ethernet systems and users. So, how do we choose a POE switch?


1. Consider the power of your equipment

Correspondingly choose a PoE switch with high power. If the power of your equipment is below 15W, then choose a PoE switch that supports the 802.3af standard. If the power is greater than 15W, choose a high-power switch with 802.3at standard. At present, many PoE switches support both af and at, so pay more attention when purchasing.

2. Physical port

First of all, it is necessary to determine the number of switch interfaces, number of optical fiber ports, network management, speed (10/100/1000M) and other issues. At present, the interfaces on the market are mainly 8, 12, 16, and 24 ports. There are generally one or two optical fiber ports, and you must pay attention to whether the optical port is 100M or 1000M. It depends on the situation.

PoE switches are generally used to connect powered terminals and are used as access switches. Consider the number of PoE power supply ports supported by the switch according to the number of powered terminal devices. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the maximum rate that the port needs to support according to the powered terminal and actual needs. For example, if the port of the AP is Gigabit and uses 11AC or dual-band, Gigabit access can be considered.

3. Power supply parameters

Select the appropriate switch according to the power supply protocol (such as 802.3af, 802.3at or non-standard PoE) supported by the powered terminal (AP or IP camera). The PoE power supply protocol supported by the switch must be consistent with the powered terminal. There are many potential safety hazards in non-standard PoE switches. It is recommended that you try to choose standard 48V PoE switch devices.

4. Wiring scheme

Users can compare and calculate the cost of the terminal’s local power supply wiring and the cost of using a PoE switch for power supply. At present, the power supply distance of PoE switches is within 100 meters. There are no layout restrictions, which can save about 50% of the overall cost. Wiring within 100 meters can flexibly expand the network without being restricted by the layout of power lines. Hang wireless APs, network cameras and other terminal equipment on high walls or ceilings for flexible expansion, easy wiring, and elegant appearance.

5. Pre-sales and after-sales technical support

Choose reliable merchants to obtain professional pre-sales and after-sales services

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Post time: Dec-09-2022