How to turn an ordinary switch into a PoE switch?

If you want to turn an ordinary switch into a PoE switch, directly assembling an ordinary switch into a PoE switch cannot fully realize power supply and data transmission at the same time. Unless you know the relevant knowledge of the switch well, you can only meet your needs in other ways , Here are two ways to meet your needs:

Method 1: Directly select a PoE switch
As mentioned above, if you want to change the structure of the ordinary switch to realize the power supply of the POE switch, it is not possible for us personally. It is recommended that you directly choose the PoE switch. Although its price is slightly higher than that of the ordinary switch, it is very cost-effective. , It also has the advantages of high performance, smooth transmission and strong flexibility.

Method 2: Add a PoE power supply upstream of the common switch
Ordinary switches have only the function of transmitting data, while PoE power supply has only the function of power supply. The combination of the two is equivalent to a PoE switch, which can supply power to the equipment at the other end, but there are some risks in doing so.


In summary, PoE switches can be used as ordinary switches, but we do not recommend using PoE switches as ordinary switches. This will greatly waste the powerful functions of PoE switches, and the cost of PoE switches will be more expensive than The price of ordinary switches is slightly higher, so the use of PoE switches instead of ordinary switches outweighs the gains. If you need to meet the needs of power supply and data transmission at the same time, it is recommended that you choose a high-performance, cost-effective PoE switch.

Post time: Sep-15-2021