Industrial Grade Gigabit Fiber Media Converter Introduction

Industrial-grade fiber media converter is an industrial switch that can extend the transmission distance. It has the advantages of convenience, simple maintenance, strong anti-interference performance, powerful performance, and stable operation. The product design conforms to the Ethernet standard, and the performance is stable and reliable. The equipment can be widely used in various broadband data transmission fields such as intelligent transportation, telecommunications, security, financial securities, customs, shipping, electric power, water conservancy and oil fields.

JHA industrial grade Gigabit optical fiber transceiver product introduction:
JHA industrial-grade 4-channel Gigabit Fiber Ethernet Switch JHA-IG14H is an industrial-grade 4-port 1000base-T to 1000base-X optical fiber conversion, mainly used for long-distance (20/40/60/80/100 km) transmission in optical fiber networks. This product provides 1 Gigabit optical port; 4 Gigabit Ethernet electrical ports, and share Gigabit bandwidth. Each bandwidth can be set through the Console port (the Ethernet interface is a switch port and supports VLAN division), namely Logical isolation; 1 Console port. With perfect alarm function, the whole machine is stable and reliable, low power consumption, high integration, and small size.


Features of JHA industrial-grade Gigabit optical fiber transceiver products:
◆ Industrial Ethernet series, designed for harsh industrial environments;
◆ The equipment provides 4 Gigabit Ethernet electrical ports, and shares Gigabit bandwidth, 1 Console port; 1 Gigabit optical port;
◆ Electrical interface (RJ45 interface) supports 10/100/1000M adaptive, full/half duplex mode, MDI/MDI-X automatic detection;
◆ The optical interface supports three optical fiber transmission modes: multimode dual fiber, single mode dual fiber, single mode single fiber, SC/ST/FC interface is optional;
◆ Supports the transmission of VLAN ultra-long data packets, which can be matched with switch products that support IEEE802.1Q protocol, and supports Ethernet packets with a maximum of 10240 bytes;
◆ Support wide range AC and DC input;
◆ Support internal isolation, redundant dual power input;
◆ The power supply supports overload protection and anti-reverse connection protection;
◆ Meet the requirements of industrial level 4 electromagnetic compatibility;
◆ Super lightning protection function: lightning protection, anti-inductive high voltage, anti-surge, etc.;
◆ No fan for efficient heat dissipation, reducing repair time;
◆ IP40 enclosure protection level, able to withstand the test of harsh environments;
◆ Guide rail or wall-mounted installation;
◆ Wide temperature type: working temperature -40℃~ +85℃;
◆ All models have passed the 100% baking machine test, and the warranty period: 5 years.

JHA industrial-grade Gigabit Ethernet optical fiber transceiver products support multiple interfaces such as RJ45, SFP (LC/SC), and adopt mature and stable wire-speed switching chips in the industry market. They are flexible in application, stable in operation, and reliable, and are especially suitable for industrial field environments. The following is the requirement for high-speed, reliable and stable network application between communication transmission units. The product complies with FCC and CE standards, meets the relevant requirements of industrial design, supports normal operation under a wide temperature range of -40℃~75℃, adapts to harsh working environment conditions, and is widely used in power, petroleum, mining and other industrial fields, and is dispersed for customers High-reliability and real-time services such as point data collection and video surveillance provide flexible, fast, stable and reliable transmission and media conversion solutions.

Post time: Jan-04-2022