Main features of GPON technology

(1) Unprecedented high bandwidth. The rate of GPON is as high as 2.5 Gbps, which can provide a large enough bandwidth to meet the growing demand for high bandwidth in future networks, and its asymmetric characteristics can better adapt to the broadband data service market.

(2) Full-service access guaranteed by QoS. GPON can carry ATM cells and/or GEM frames at the same time, and has a good ability to provide service level, support QoS guarantee and full service access. The technology for ATM to carry multiple services such as voice, PDH, and Ethernet has been very mature; the technology of using GEM to carry various user services has also been unanimously recognized by everyone, and has begun to be widely used and developed.

(3) It supports TDM business well. The TDM service is mapped into the GEM frame. Since the frame length of the GPON TC frame is 125 μs, it can directly support the TDM service. TDM sJHA700-E212XI-HZ220 FD600-612XI-HZ220ervices can also be mapped into ATM cells, and can also provide real-time transmission with QoS guarantees.


Post time: Aug-26-2022