Network Extender Product Features and Interface Description

A network extender is a device that can effectively extend the network transmission distance. The network extender NE300 can extend the limit of the network transmission distance from 100 meters of copper wire to 300 meters, and can easily realize the interconnection between routers, switches, video recorders, cameras, servers, terminals and long-distance terminals.

Network Extender Product Features
1. The 10M full-duplex rate can transmit more than 300 meters across a single span, and when used as a repeater, it can reach 600 meters;
2. The use of 23AWG standard CAT6 cable can make the transmission distance reach 300 meters;
3. If two network extenders are connected in series, the actual transmission distance can reach more than 800 meters.

Network Extender Interface Description
1. The Power light is on, indicating that the power connection is normal;
2. When the Up light is on, it means that the uplink access is normal and valid, and when it flashes, it means that the data is being transmitted;
3. When 1, 2, 3, and 4 are on, it means that the connection where the downlink is located is normal and valid, and when it flashes, it means that data is being transmitted.HDMI Extender-1

Post time: Jan-27-2022