Office network’s functional requirements for industrial switches

Nowadays, with the development of society, many companies have higher and higher requirements on the network, more and more complex systems, many old lines need to be upgraded and upgraded, and the requirements on industrial switches are getting higher and higher. However, many companies do not know how to transform and upgrade.

1. Practical installation method of industrial switches
Plug-in industrial switch, its characteristic is its installation method.It comes with a base, which can be stuck to the industrial switch, through the base you can install it anywhere you can imagine, including the legs of the conference room table, the wall next to the big TV, and the desk of the workstation. The power supply can be switched randomly in two directions. In this way, for common scenarios in the office: workstations, independent offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, small meeting rooms, and even pantry, plug-in industrial switches can find a suitable installation method. And the very small industrial switch, you can put it anywhere on the desktop.



2. USB interface of industrial switch
Industrial switches can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets and other devices. A small disadvantage brought about by the rapid development of smart devices is that we often look for chargers to charge them. It is normal to charge once a day, and some even consume too much power to charge a few times a day. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there is a fixed charger on the desktop for a long time at this time? The power that meets the standard output also makes its use range very wide. Common smart phones, tablets, power banks, e-book readers, etc., can be charged by connecting them.

3. PD: powered
It was mentioned at the beginning that some industrial switches do not have a power interface. So the question is, how to supply power to the industrial switch? The answer is to supply power via PoE! It turns out that the fifth port is connected to the upper-level industrial switch and powered by PoE. At this time I imagined a very strange scenario: if it is a start-up company with about 50 people, each employee has multiple port requirements, including those connected to workstations, connected to IP phones, connected to laptops, and connected to test instruments. , Centralized power supply is provided through the high-density 52-port PoE industrial switch in the computer room, and an industrial switch is placed on the desktop of 50 employees, so all the industrial switches can be powered directly through the network cable.

4. PoE penetration of industrial switches
If the PD just now is very surprising, then GS105PE has another function, which is PoE penetration. How to use PoE penetration? To put it simply, PoE penetration means receiving the upper-level PoE, which is similar to a network cable and passed to the devices below. What is the use? Specific to the office scenario, then it is more useful. There are IP phones in the office, right? How are IP phones powered? It’s all PoE. Through GS105PE, an industrial switch, data port and PoE port are all available, which is simple and practical.

5. Industrial switches achieve quiet work
Some models of industrial switches have a fanless design, which is very quiet, or there is no sound at all. Also, it’s not so hot. In addition, the LED of the industrial switch can also be turned off.

6. Functions of industrial switches
In addition to stability, there is another reason for using industrial switches for high speed. Even the current common 802.11ac standard AC1300, under the most ideal situation, the most basic performance measurement method-file copy speed, is basically 20-25MBps. The gigabit industrial switch can basically copy files at a speed of 120MBps. For some scenes with high performance requirements, such as 3D rendering, CAD drawing, video editing and other scenes, wired can meet the speed requirements of the application.

Post time: Oct-26-2021