POE switch application scheme and functional characteristics introduction

PoE switch refers to a switch that can provide network power supply to remote power receiving terminals through a network cable. It includes two functions: network switch and PoE power supply. It is a relatively common power supply device in PoE power supply systems. So, what are the application solutions and functional characteristics of POE switches? 纯千兆24+2 POE switch application scheme and functional characteristics:

★Support IEEE802.3at (30W) standard, compatible with IEEE802.3af (15.4W) powered device (PD);

★Break the traditional way, not only can transmit data but also transmit electricity through the network cable;

★It can automatically detect and identify the power receiving equipment that meets IEEE 802.3at and IEEE802.3af standards;

★The advanced self-sensing algorithm only supplies power for IEEE 802.3af/at standard terminal equipment, and there is no need to worry about damaging private standard POE or non-POE equipment;

★POE switches support port power supply priority to ensure continuous power supply for key nodes in the network;

★The longest distance between the network cable power supply and the transmission path can be up to 100 meters, which can flexibly expand the network without being restricted by the power line layout;

★Easily hang terminal equipment such as wireless AP and webcam on the wall or ceiling;

★POE switch built-in PSE power supply module design, simple installation, plug and play;

★With high safety and anti-power surge design;

★It has a short-circuit protection function. When there is a large current and other power failures, it will start the short-circuit function to cut off the power supply to prevent burning of equipment and avoid network failures caused by line failures or installation errors;

★Energy saving and environmental protection, support automatic standby mode and cable length detection function, that is, automatic standby when the port is not connected;

★Save energy, provide lower transmission power when the length of the network cable is less than 10 meters;

★The managed POE switch adopts cluster technology, supports the stacking of multiple devices, uses a unified IP address for centralized management, and saves address resources;

★The special side-by-side connection design of the PSE power supply module allows unlimited series connection of multiple power supplies for convenient storage;

★The PD power supply splitter can easily install non-POE terminals to access the POE network through 5V/12V and other outputs;

★The intimate design of the four specifications of the DC conversion head of the PD power supply splitter can meet a variety of access equipment;

★ There is no blind spot in the POE surveillance network, and the IP camera can be installed anywhere the network can reach, and the network can be changed later, which is very convenient for maintenance;

★The POE monitoring network supports centralized and distributed network storage. The expansion is extremely simple and can be expanded at any time as needed. Storage devices can be distributed anywhere on the network, and storage backup strategies can be flexibly formulated.

Post time: Aug-27-2021