What is the role of a serial server?

The serial port server provides the function of serial port to Internet, which can convert the RS-232/485/422 serial port into a TCP/IP network interface, and maintain the two-way transparent transmission of statistical data between the RS-232/485/422 serial port and the TCP/IP network interface. Encourage serial devices to immediately have the role of TCP/IP network interface, network connection to carry out data communication, and greatly expand the communication distance of serial devices.

Many traditional devices such as POS, ATM, card readers, card readers, switches, fuel dispensers, RTUs, CNC machine tools, test instruments, etc. do not have networking functions, and only have RS-232/RS-485/RS-422/RS- Serial interface such as 232/RS-485. JHA Technology has many series of products, which mainly realize data transmission between Ethernet and various windows, so that devices that cannot access the Internet can be easily and flexibly connected to the network, and realize networked management and remote control.



For example, most traditional access control systems use bus links, the communication distance of the bus is short, and the wiring is complicated. The new type of TCP/IP network access control machine has a high cost and is not compatible with traditional access control systems. And we only need to use a suitable serial server, the colluding access control can be transformed into a TCP/IP network access control, and remote management can be realized at low cost.

Post time: Jul-23-2021