Which fiber media converter transmits and which receives?

When we transmit over long distances, we usually use optical fibers to transmit. Because the transmission distance of optical fiber is very long, in general, the transmission distance of single-mode fiber is more than 20 kilometers, and the transmission distance of multi-mode fiber can reach up to 2 kilometers. In fiber optic networks, we often use fiber media converter. Then, when using fiber media converter, many friends will encounter such questions:

Question 1 : Do fiber media converter have to be used in pairs?

Question 2 : Is the fiber media converter one for receiving and the other for sending? Or as long as two fiber media converter can be used as a pair?

Question 3 : If the fiber media converter must be used in pairs, must they be of the same brand and model? Or can any brand be used in combination?

Answer: Optical fiber transceivers are generally used in pairs as photoelectric conversion equipment, but it is also normal to use optical fiber transceivers with fiber optic switches, and fiber transceivers with SFP transceivers. In principle, as long as the optical transmission wavelength is the same, The signal encapsulation format is the same and all supports a certain protocol to realize optical fiber communication.

Generally, single-mode dual-fiber (two fibers are required for normal communication) transceivers are not divided into transmitter and receiver, as long as they appear in pairs, they can be used.

Only a single-fiber transceiver (one fiber is required for normal communication) will have a transmitter and a receiver.

Whether it is a dual-fiber transceiver or a single-fiber transceiver to be used in pairs, different brands are compatible with each other. But the speed, wavelength, and mode need to be the same.

That is to say, different rates (100M and 1000M) and different wavelengths (1310nm and 1300nm) cannot communicate with each other. In addition, even a single-fiber transceiver and a dual-fiber transceiver of the same brand form a pair. cannot communicate with each other.


Post time: Jul-11-2022