Why Use Industrial Ethernet Switches?

Ethernet technology has been greatly improved and accepted by corporate and university offices, and is now gradually expanding into more demanding industrial environments. The appeal of industrial Ethernet switches includes the ability to monitor data transmissions, existing utilities used to build and configure devices, and the ability to install programs that control devices from a central location. So, why use an Industrial Ethernet switch?

Today’s Ethernet is full-duplex and exists in a star network topology, although CSMA/CD still exists, and the increasing use of 100Mbps transmission networks and high-speed Ethernet switches isolates devices in independent Collision domains create deterministic transmissions in Ethernet.


The reason Ethernet is used in industrial environments is that Ethernet devices were originally developed with PCs. Meaning, Ethernet devices are expected to work just as well in the environment that PCs work in, such as at home, in an office, or in a climate-controlled computer room. This means that commercial Ethernet switches are not completely reliable if they work in more demanding industrial environments.

Industrial Ethernet switches withstand extreme temperature changes and use high-quality and high-reliability components, which is why industrial Ethernet switches are used.

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Post time: Dec-12-2022