Application of Poe in security industry

Thanks to the unique advantages of Poe technology, many devices supporting Poe power supply have appeared in the field of security monitoring, including Poe webcam, Poe network hemisphere, Poe network ball machine, Poe network hard disk video recorder, etc.

These devices have the function of Poe power receiving device end. The DC power provided by the power supply end device (PSE) powered by Ethernet is transmitted to the power receiving end (PD) through twisted pair. Of course, it should be noted that the POE standard supports a maximum of 15.4W, which is sufficient for common webcams. However, for the PTZ camera which can detect the movement, steering and amplification of moving objects, it needs 20-30w power to work normally, and the PTZ camera needs the support of the new Poe + standard with up to 30W power output. Of course, many of the latest Poe switches now support the POE + standard.

Poe power supply has become the mainstream of power supply in security industry.

In the field of security, monitoring is one of the most important parts, and wiring and power supply have also become an essential part. Traditional monitoring cabling and power supply has always been a problem in the industry. In the period of IP video monitoring, network infrastructure support is the focus, and power supply is also the most critical part.

In the past, cameras were powered locally, but since the launch of Poe, the common form is Ethernet powered IP camera. Poe, power over Ethernet, is the abbreviation of active Ethernet power supply, which refers to the existing Ethernet cat 5. The technology of providing DC power supply for some IP based terminals (such as IP intercom telephone, WiFi WLAN access point AP, webcam, etc.) while transmitting data signals without any change to the cabling infrastructure.

Poe is to solve the problem of power supply and wiring. At present, if it is a new monitoring project implemented together with infrastructure, Poe power supply is still relatively few, and Poe power supply is also relatively few in large projects. On the contrary, Poe is widely used in some civil and packaged markets and small projects.

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Post time: Mar-28-2022