Can a PoE switch be used as a regular switch?

A PoE switch acts as a switch, and of course can also be used as a regular switch. However, when used as a general switch, the value of the PoE switch is not maximized, and the powerful functions of the PoE switch are wasted. Therefore, there are cases where there is no need to supply DC power to the connected device and only need to transmit data. , It is recommended to choose a regular switch, and if you need not only data transmission but also power supply, it is better to choose a PoE switch.

If you want to turn an ordinary switch into a PoE switch, if you directly assemble the ordinary switch into a PoE switch, power supply and data transmission cannot be fully realized at the same time. If you don’t know much about switches, there are only other ways to meet your requirements. , here are two ways we can meet your requirements:

Method 1: Directly select a PoE switch

As mentioned earlier, it is personally impossible to modify the structure of a regular switch to power a POE switch. We recommend that you choose your own PoE switch. The cost is slightly higher than regular switches, but it is very cost-effective. , It also has advantages such as high performance, smooth transmission and high flexibility.

Method 2: Add a PoE power supply in front of a regular switch


Traditional switches only have data transmission functions, while PoE power supplies only have power supply functions. The combination of the two is equivalent to a PoE switch that can power devices on the other side, but it carries some risks.

In summary, you can use a PoE switch as a regular switch, but it is not recommended to use a PoE switch as a regular switch. This loses much of the powerful features of the PoE switch and makes the PoE switch more expensive. Since the traditional switch is a little more expensive, it is not worth it to use a PoE switch instead of the traditional switch. If you need to meet both power and data requirements, we recommend choosing high-performance and cost-effective PoE. JHA Tech has been focusing on the POE switch industry since 2007. Please contact us.

Post time: Dec-04-2023