Can industrial switches and commercial switches be used interchangeably? Can the two types of switches be used for home use?

With the popularity of industrial switches, many people will ask, can industrial switches be used in corporate offices? Can it replace commercial switches? The answer is: yes. As long as commercial switches are used, industrial switches can be used instead, but the cost will be relatively higher, but any scenario where industrial switches are used cannot be replaced by commercial switches. This is because the heat dissipation, dustproof, components, and chips of commercial switches are not as good as industrial switches.

Industrial Ethernet Switch Series

There are some key features of industrial switches as following:

* Industrial chip design, 15kV ESD protection, 8kV surge protection.

* DC10-58V redundancy power, reverse polarity protection.

* Industrial grade 4 design, -40-85°C operating temperature.

* IP40 rated aluminum alloy housing, Natural cooling;

* DIN-Rail or Wall mounted,easy to install.

Industrial switches is designed for harsh environment,such as Power,Energy,Petrochemical industry,smart city,intelligent transportation and so on. So it could replace commercial switches for offices,and home use switches.Commercial switches is produced for indoor offices,campus network,smart building,hospital and so on.So it could replace home use switches.

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Post time: Nov-21-2022