Current Situation and Development Prospects of Industrial Switches

1. Industrial switches are also called industrial Ethernet switches. Under the current situation, with the continuous and rapid development and advancement of network technology, the demand for networks in the industrial field, especially in the field of industrial control, has become more and more extensive. Therefore, industrial Ethernet has gradually taken root in the field of industrial control, and has formed a Industrial Ethernet control technology with industrial characteristics. In order to make the industrial Ethernet control technology better, it needs the help of matching professional equipment. Therefore, industrial Ethernet switches stand out with some industrial features such as strong stability, high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, and corrosion resistance. It has become a rookie in the field of industrial control and is very popular.

Industrial switch products have the following characteristics:

(1) Redundant power input to prevent single power failure;

(2) Ring topology, providing redundant paths;

(3) Built-in high-quality and high-reliability parts to ensure a longer average lead time;

(4) It can be applied to super-standard temperature conditions, such as -40℃85℃;

(5) Sturdy and durable shell and good temperature resistance.

2. Application of industrial Ethernet switches. At present, domestic industrial Ethernet switches are mainly used in electric power, transportation, metallurgy and other industries. Among them, electric power is the application industry, followed by transportation industry. A large number of industrial Ethernet switches are used in the power generation, transmission/transformation links of the power industry; the applications in the transportation field include subways, railways and highways; the metallurgical industry is mainly used at the MES level.

Development prospects of industrial Ethernet switches. In the long run, with the vigorous development of industrial automation, the demand for industrial Ethernet switches will also increase, and at the same time, there will be more diversified requirements for the functions of industrial switches. As far as the current form is concerned, industrial Ethernet is mainly used in the field of control and information transmission in industrial production, and has been gradually extended to the field. Judging from the current development trend, the main application fields of industrial switches will still be mainly in the power system, transportation industry and metallurgical field. In addition, industries such as petrochemical industry and sewage treatment are also showing an upward trend. Demand for industrial switches. Therefore, in the next few years, industrial Ethernet switches will still face increasing demand, but technical requirements will become more and more strict.

Post time: Oct-04-2022