How to use fiber optic transceivers?

The function of fiber optic transceivers is to convert between optical signals and electrical signals. The optical signal is input from the optical port, and the electrical signal is output from the electrical port, and vice versa. The process is roughly as follows: convert the electrical signal into an optical signal, transmit it through an optical fiber, convert the optical signal into an electrical signal at the other end, and then connect to routers, switches and other equipment.

Optical transceivers are generally used in pairs. If you want to build your own local area network with fiber optic transceivers, you must use them in pairs.

The general optical fiber transceiver is the same as the general switch. It can be used when it is powered on and plugged in, and no configuration is required. Optical fiber socket, RJ45 crystal plug socket. However, pay attention to the transceivers of the fiber optic switches, one receiving and one sending, if not, replace each other.

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Post time: Sep-15-2022