Introduction of 5 Features of Network Extender

The network extender uses LRE technology, which can break through the limitation of Ethernet transmission distance within 100 meters, and can extend the 10BASE-TX twisted pair electrical signal to 350-700 meters. It extends the limit of the network transmission distance from 100 meters of copper wire to 350-700 meters, which can easily realize the interconnection between HUB, SWITCH, server, terminal and long-distance terminal. The network extender is plug-and-play, which can be used alone or in cascade.

1. LRE (Long- Reacher Ethernet) long-line Ethernet drive technology
The Ethernet network extender adopts the LRE (Long- Reacher Ethernet) long-line Ethernet drive technology with independent property rights, which can effectively extend the Ethernet transmission distance up to 700 meters. When the Ethernet network extender is connected to a Fast Ethernet switch with auto-negotiation function The network extender will automatically select full-duplex or half-duplex mode, while ensuring the maximum transmission bandwidth. LRE technology ensures that when the Ethernet link fails, it can provide an accurate report to the network management system. The redundant link setting cooperates to realize the function of automatically activating the redundant link.

2. Built-in advanced switching engine
The network extender has a built-in advanced switching engine, which can effectively control error propagation. The MAC address self-learning and self-updating functions provide efficient, fast and stable transmission.

3. Fanless and low power consumption design
Facts show that mechanical fans are easy to break and bring noise. The network extender is designed to fully consider reducing the power consumption of the whole machine. The application chip used has the characteristics of low power consumption and strong ability to adapt to ambient temperature. Therefore, All adopt fanless design, which fully guarantees its working ability in high temperature environment, low noise, and is more suitable for applications in residential and SOHO environments. In the northern region, the fanless design can also effectively play the role of dust and sand prevention.

4. Easy installation, plug and play
Each 10/100M adaptive port automatically detects the speed and duplex mode of the connected device, so that the network extender can automatically switch between 10Base-T and 100Base-TX, and automatically adjust its transmission mode and transmission speed. Seamless connection between all connected 10M and 100M Ethernet devices, easy installation, no need to set up and manage, you can connect 10M and 100M users located anywhere on the network and within the connection range. The front panel indicator light enables users to monitor the working status of the network extender at any time.

5. Five types of twisted pair connection, the network extender will extend the twisted pair to 350 meters, and the transmission distance can be up to 700 meters.

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Post time: Jan-31-2022