Super Mini PoE Injector from JHA TECH

Product Description:

JHA Mini PoE Injector Power into a Non-POE signal and output a signal with POE. It fully complies with IEEE 802.3at/af standards, can work with all IEEE 802.3at/af POE Compliant device, such as IP camera, IP phone, wireless AP and etc.


Key Features:

1. Chip: XS2180. Compatible with 38-57V

2. POE Standard: IEEE 802.3af/at

3. POE Power: support both(1,2)+/(3,6)-

4. Plug output: Data(1,2)/(3,6)/(4,5,)/(7,8)

5. Output power: 15.4W

6. Power adaptor: DC 48V0.5A(5.5*2.5mm)

7. Over voltage protection, short-circut protection , over current protection


So how to use it correctly?Please refer to the picture below:



Post time: Nov-01-2022