What are the 5 common advantages of industrial switches?

With the continuous development of technology, more and more industria switches have gradually replaced ordinary switches. It is because industrial switches have advantages that ordinary switches do not have. So, what are the five common points of industrial switches?

https://www.jha-tech.com/managed-industrial-ethernet-switch/1. Super anti-interference

Industrial switches have strong anti-interference functions, such as high protection levels in lightning protection, anti-corrosion, and anti-static, but commercial switches do not have these functions.

2. The Use of Industrial Components

Industrial switches have high requirements on the components of the product and can withstand the test of harsh environments, so they can better adapt to the industrial environment.

3. Long service life

Industrial switches adopt industrial-grade solutions from the shell to the components, so the product has higher reliability and longer service failure, which can generally exceed 10 years. The service life of ordinary commercial switches is roughly 3-5 years.

4.  wide temperature work

Industrial switches generally use aluminum alloy shells, which have better heat dissipation and stronger protection. They can basically work normally in the temperature range of -45°C to +85°C, and can adapt to complex temperatures and humidity. However, the working range of commercial switches is relatively rather narrow.

5. Fast redundancy

Industrial switches generally have the functions of fast ring network and redundancy, and the redundancy time is less than 20ms. Although commercial products can also form a redundant network, the recovery time is more than 10-30s, which is too long and not suitable for industrial environments.

The above are the 5 common advantages of industrial switches. JHA has been specialized in the R&D, production and sales of industrial communication equipment such as industrial switches, PoE switches, media converter, protocol converters, optical transceivers, telephone optical transceivers, and smart rock projects for 15 years. Welcome to consult.

Post time: Dec-21-2022