What are the application scenarios for the 8-port PoE network port power supply switch?

8-port POE power supply network switch “Never burn devices” intelligent POE switch, the advanced self-awareness algorithm only supplies power to IEEE 802.3af terminal equipment, so there is no need to worry about damaging private standard PoE or non-PoE equipment. Intelligent power supply system, overload protection, breaking the traditional power line layout restrictions, supporting 8-port wireless access point (AP with PoE function) and network monitoring camera (with PoE function) power supply through Category 5 and above unshielded twisted pair, the port is automatically flipped , high stability, easy to achieve the fluency of high-definition image transmission. All optical and electrical interfaces conform to international standards, ensuring that the product can operate continuously without failure for a long time in various complex environments.


8-port POE power supply network switch Applicable scenarios:

1. Millions of high-definition monitoring transmission and power supply;

2. Wireless AP layout transmission and power supply;

3. VoIP transmission and smart home system;

4. Urban Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITS);

5. Building intercom, wireless communication, video surveillance;

6. Campus monitoring, video conferencing, remote multimedia teaching;

7. Highway monitoring system, electronic road monitoring, capture system;

8. Places where the industrial environment is relatively harsh or where there are high requirements for lightning protection.

Post time: Dec-14-2022