What are the differences between electrical port modules and optical modules?

The copper port module is a module that converts an optical port into an electrical port. Its function is to convert optical signals into electrical signals, and its interface type is RJ45.

The optical-to-electrical module is a module that supports hot swapping, and the package types include SFP, SFP+, GBIC, etc. The electrical port module has the characteristics of low power consumption, high performance, and compact design. According to the different rates of electrical port modules, it can be divided into 100M electrical port modules, 1000M electrical port modules, 10G electrical port modules and self-adaptive electrical port modules, among which the 10M electrical port modules and 10G electrical port modules are the most widely used .

Optical modules are optical devices that can transmit and receive analog signals. The function is to convert the electrical signal into an optical signal after passing through the transmitting end of the optical module, and then convert the optical signal into an electrical signal through the receiving end to realize photoelectric conversion. Optical modules can be divided into SFP, SFP+, QSFP+ and QSFP28 according to different packaging forms.



The following are the differences between electrical port modules and optical modules:

1. The interface is different: the interface of the electrical port module is RJ45, while the interface of the optical module is mainly LC, and there are also SC, MPO, etc.

2. Different collocations: electrical port modules are usually used with Category 5, Category 6, Category 6e or Category 7 network cables, while optical modules are generally used in connection with optical jumpers.

3. The parameters are different: the electrical port module has no wavelength, but the optical module has (such as 850nm\1310nm\1550nm).

4. The components are different: the components of the electrical port module and the optical module are different, especially the electrical port module does not have the core device of the optical module – the laser.

5. The transmission distance is different: the transmission distance of the electrical port module is relatively short, the farthest is only 100m, and the transmission distance of the optical module can reach 100m to 160km according to the type of optical fiber used in conjunction with it.


Post time: Jan-06-2023