What are the management methods of switches?

There are two types of switch management methods:

1. Management of the switch through the console port of the switch belongs to out-of-band management, which is characterized by no need to occupy the network interface of the switch, but the cable is special and the configuration distance is short.

managed industrial Ethernet switch

2. In-band management is mainly divided into: TELNET, WEB and SNMP.

1) TELNET remote management refers to the network interface of the computer, which is connected to a certain host in the network. Use this host for remote management and configuration. The feature is that network administrators can perform remote configuration.

2) The WEB mode refers to the management and configuration of the switch through the web page.

3) SNMP refers to the use of network management software to uniformly manage the configuration of devices in the network based on the SNMP protocol.

Post time: Feb-10-2023