What are the reasons for the failure of the optical module function?

The optical module is mainly used to convert the electrical signal in the device (generally refers to the switch or router device) into an optical signal, and then transmit it through an optical fiber (realized by the transmitting end of the optical module), and can receive an external optical fiber at the same time The transmitted optical signal is converted into an electrical signal (realized by the receiving end of the optical module) and input to the device. The failure of the optical module function is divided into the failure of the transmitting end and the failure of the receiving end. The most common problems are optical port pollution and damage and ESD damage. Next, JHA will analyze the optical port pollution and damage and ESD damage for you:

https://www.jha-tech.com/sfp-module/1. Optical port pollution and damage

The pollution and damage of the optical interface cause the loss of the optical link to increase, resulting in the failure of the optical link.The reasons are:

A. The optical port of the optical module is exposed to the environment, and the optical port is polluted by dust entering;

B. The end face of the optical fiber connector used has been polluted, and the optical port of the optical module has been polluted twice;

C. Improper use of the end face of the optical connector with pigtail, scratches on the end face, etc.;

D. Use inferior fiber optic connectors;

2. ESD damage

ESD is the abbreviation of ElectroStatic Discharge, that is, “electrostatic discharge”. It is a very fast process with a rise time of less than 1 ns (one billionth of a second) or even hundreds of ps (1 ps = one billionth of a second). ESD can generate several Strong electromagnetic pulses of ten Kv/m or greater. The Static electricity will absorb dust, change the impedance between lines, and affect the function and life of the product; the heat generated by the instantaneous electric field or current of ESD will damage the component, and it can still work in a short period of time but the life will be affected; it will even destroy the insulation or conductor of the component, causing the Component not working (completely destroyed). ESD is inevitable. In addition to improving the ESD resistance of electronic components, it is important to use them correctly.

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Post time: Dec-07-2022