What do you know about PoE Switch?

PoE switch is a new type of multi-function switch. Due to the widespread application of PoE switches, people have some understanding of PoE switches. However, many people think that PoE switches can generate power on their own, which is not true. A power supply PoE switch usually refers to a PoE switch that supplies power to other devices through a network cable without losing data transmission capabilities. So can a PoE switch be used as a regular switch?

PoE switch is a switch with PoE functionality that can be connected to a regular switch. The main function of traditional switches is data exchange and has no power supply function, while applying power can transmit data. For example, if you have a surveillance camera connected by a network cable to a regular switch, it is clear that this surveillance camera will not work properly if it is not connected to power. Connecting the PoE switch via a network cable can make this surveillance camera work normally. This is the main difference between PoE switches and regular switches.

For security monitoring systems, it is recommended to use a PoE switch. Not only can it avoid additional wiring costs and reduce labor costs, it also improves system flexibility and simplifies subsequent upgrades and maintenance. High-performance PoE switches can manage each PoE port and power supply on the device, making it easier for administrators ​​ You can get the job done. It can be controlled and has advantages that traditional switches do not have.


Post time: Dec-04-2023