What is a managed switch&SNMP?

What is a managed switch?

The task of a managed switch is to keep all network resources in good condition. The network management switch products provide various network management methods based on the terminal control port (Console), based on the Web page and supporting Telnet to log in to the network remotely. Therefore, network administrators can perform local or remote real-time monitoring of the switch’s working status and network operating status, and manage the working status and working modes of all switch ports globally.


What is SNMP?

The original name of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol (SGMP). It was first proposed by the research group of the IETF. On the basis of the SGMP protocol, a new management information structure and management information base are added to make SGMP more comprehensive. Simplicity and expansibility are reflected in SNMP, which includes Database Schema, an Application Layer Protocol and some data files. The SNMP management protocol can not only enhance the efficiency of the network management system, but also can be used to manage and monitor the resources in the network in real time.


Post time: Aug-31-2022