What is Network Topology&TCP/IP?

What is Network Topology

Network topology refers to the physical layout features such as the physical connection of various transmission media, network cables, and abstractly discusses the interaction of various endpoints in a network system by borrowing the two most basic graphic elements in geometry: point and line. The method, form and geometry of the connection can represent the network configuration of network servers, workstations, and network devices and the connections between them. Its structure mainly includes bus structure, star structure, ring structure, tree structure and mesh structure.

What is TCP/IP?

The TCP/IP transport protocol(Transmission Control/Network Protocol) is also known as the Network Communication Protocol. It is the most basic communication protocol used in the network. The TCP/IP transport protocol specifies the standards and methods for various parts of the Internet communicate. In addition, the TCP/IP transmission protocol is two important protocols to ensure the timely and complete transmission of network data information. TCP/IP transport protocol is a four-layer architecture, including application layer, transport layer, network layer and data link layer.


Post time: Sep-02-2022