What is Ring network redundancy& IP protocol?

What is Ring network redundancy?

A ring network uses a continuous ring to connect each device together. It ensures that the signal sent by one device can be seen by all other devices on the ring. The ring network redundancy refers to whether the switch supports the network when the cable connection is interrupted. The switch receives this information and activates its backup port to restore the normal operation of the network communication. At the same time, the switch with ports 7 and 8 disconnected in the network, the relay is closed, and the indicator light sends a false alarm to the user. After the cable is repaired to normal, the function of the relay and indicator light to return to the normal state.

In short, the Ethernet ring redundancy technology can enable another intact communication link when the communication link fails, which greatly improves the reliability of network communication.

What is IP protocol?

The IP protocol is a protocol designed for computer networks to communicate with each other. In the Internet, it is a set of rules that enables all computer networks connected to the Internet to communicate with each other, and specifies the rules that computers should abide by when communicating on the Internet. Computer systems produced by any manufacturer can interconnect with the Internet as long as they comply with the IP protocol. The network systems and equipment produced by various manufacturers, such as Ethernet, packet-switching networks, etc., cannot communicate with each other. The format is different. The IP protocol is actually a set of protocol software composed of software programs. It uniformly converts various “frames” into “IP datagram” format. This conversion is one of the most important features of the Internet, enabling all kinds of computer achieve interoperability on the Internet, it has the characteristics of “openness”. It is precisely because of the IP protocol that the Internet has rapidly developed into the world’s largest, open computer communication network. Therefore, the IP protocol can also be called “Internet Protocol”.

IP address

There is also a very important content in the IP protocol, that is, a unique address is specified for each computer and other equipment on the Internet, called “IP address”. Because of this unique address, it is ensured that when a user operates on a networked computer, he can efficiently and conveniently select the object he needs from thousands of computers.

IP addresses are like our home addresses, if you’re writing a letter to a person, you need to know his or her address so that the postman can deliver the letter. A computer sends a message like a postman, it must know a unique “home address” so that it doesn’t deliver the letter to the wrong person. It’s just that our address is expressed in words, and the computer’s address is expressed in binary numbers.

An IP address is used to give a number to a computer on the Internet. What everyone sees every day is that every networked PC needs an IP address to communicate normally. We can compare a “personal computer” to “a telephone”, then an “IP address” is equivalent to a “telephone number”, and a router in the Internet is equivalent to a “program-controlled switch” in a telecommunication bureau.


Post time: Sep-05-2022