Why are the prices of industrial switches different?

Recently, many customers have asked: Why is there such a big difference in price because they are all industrial switches? Next, the JHA manufacturer will analyze the difference for you:

Firstly,the Casing is Different

There are three types of shells for industrial switches on the market: iron shells, half-aluminum half-iron shells, and all-aluminum shells. From the perspective of heat dissipation, all-aluminum shells have the best heat dissipation effect and the highest cost, followed by semi-aluminum shells. Half iron, the heat dissipation effect of the iron shell is relatively poor, and it is often used in commercial switches.


Second,Different Components

Industrial switches have strict standards for the selection of components, because industrial switches are used in harsh environments and can be used stably. However, commercial switches cannot adapt to such a harsh environment. Customers who have used them may know that this switch will lose packets. If the industrial switch you bought often suffers from packet loss, it may be that the components used by the manufacturer do not meet the requirements of the industrial switch.


Third,Inadequate Protection

Usually industrial switches are designed with lightning surge protection and overload protection, but in order to save costs, many switches do not have real lightning protection. Once the network cable is struck by lightning, the PCB board will be damaged due to excessive current.


Therefore, when choosing industrial switches, don’t blindly choose cheap ones, and don’t blindly choose expensive ones. You should comprehensively consider your needs and choose the right industrial switches.

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Post time: Nov-28-2022