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Differences between Layer 2 and Layer 3 network switch

Everyone knows something about Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks, but how much do you know about the differences between them? JHA Techr will take you through it.


  1. Layer2

The Layer2 network structure mode with only core layer and access layer is simple to operate. The switch forwards data packets according to the MAC address table.

 If there is any, it will be forwarded, if not, it will be flooded, that is, the data packet will be broadcast to all ports. If the destination terminal receives a response, the switch can add the MAC address to the address table. This is how the switch establishes the MAC address. process.

 However, such frequent broadcasting of data packets with unknown MAC targets will cause a huge network storm in a large-scale network architecture. This also greatly limits the expansion of the second-layer network. Therefore, the Layer2 network The networking capabilities are very limited, so they are generally only used to build small LANs.


  1. Layer3

Different from the Layer2 network, the Laye3 network structure can be assembled into large-scale networks.

 The core layer is the supporting backbone and data transmission channel of the entire network, and its importance is self-evident.

Therefore, in the entire Layer3 network structure, the core layer has the highest equipment requirements. It must be equipped with high-performance data redundant switching equipment and load balancing equipment to prevent overload, so as to reduce the amount of data carried by each core layer switch.


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