Function and Application of Industrial Fiber Switch

Industrial Fiber switch (Industrial Switch), also known as industrial Ethernet switch, is a work in the second layer of OSI (data information link layer, defined with reference to “local area network”), according to MAC (network port material key management) Detailed address) identification, network equipment capable of encapsulating and sharing data files. What functions can industrial switches provide for enterprises?   Industrial fiber switches are mainly used for real-time Ethernet data transmission in complex industrial environments. During the design of Ethernet, because it adopts carrier sense multiplexing collision detection (CSMA/CD mechanism), it is applied in complex industrial environment, and its reliability is greatly reduced, so that Ethernet cannot be used. The industrial Ethernet switch adopts the storage conversion switching method, and at the same time improves the Ethernet communication speed, and the built-in intelligent alarm design monitors the network operation status, so as to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the Ethernet in the harsh and dangerous industrial environment.   Industrial switches are generally used in industrial production occasions, and usually have various appearances and installation forms. According to different applications, there are requirements for waterproof, dustproof, shock resistance, and electromagnetic interference resistance. Of course, the reliability requirements are also high, and they also need to run 24 hours a day for a long time. . Some automatic control applications require low forwarding delay, and some require redundant power supply, DC24V power supply and so on.   For the above problems you need to solve, JHA industrial fiber switches can help you solve them in one stop: IP40 protection grade, fully enclosed aluminum alloy shell design, can adapt to harsh environments such as dust and humidity, and ensure the safe and stable operation of your link. JHA-IG08H-1

Post time: Jun-22-2022