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How to choose a core switch?

In system networking, access switches, aggregation switches, and core switches are often mentioned. Usually, we call the part of the network that directly faces users to connect or access the network as the access layer, the part between the access layer and the core layer is called the distribution layer or aggregation layer, and the backbone part of the network is called the core layer . So what is a core switch? How to choose?


Core switches are generally layer 3 switches with network management functions. Generally speaking, core switches have a large number of ports and high bandwidth. Compared with access switches and aggregation switches, they have higher reliability, redundancy, throughput, etc. and relatively lower latency. If a network of more than 100 computers wants to operate stably and at high speed, core switches are essential.

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JHA-SW602424MGH-10G Managed Fiber Ethernet Switch, with 6*1G/10G SFP+ Slot and 24*10/100/1000Base-T(X) Ethernet Port+24*1000Base-X SFP Slot.


This model fully follows the design and materials of industrial products, the shell adopts 19-inch rack design, wide range of working environment temperature, DC37-75V/AC100-240V dual power supply redundancy and other technologies, providing durable Excellent industrial-grade quality such as high/low temperature and lightning protection; supports powerful management functions, including system management, comprehensive Layer 2 management functions, Layer 3 routing management, QOS queue management, comprehensive network security management and monitoring and maintenance management; industrial grade 3rd ESD protection is suitable for various occasions, such as deployment requirements in intelligent transportation, outdoor surveillance, industrial networks, safe cities and other harsh environments.

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