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How to choose PoE switch in Security Project?

As the advantages of PoE switches are gradually understood by everyone, the application of PoE switches in network monitoring systems is becoming more and more common. After all, data transmission and device power supply can be handled through a single network cable, and no one wants to spend more time and cost. Moreover, the PoE power supply end device will only power the devices that need power, which can effectively eliminate security risks.


Generally, in order to save costs, non-standard or fake PoE switches have relatively simple workmanship and poor quality materials and parts. The PoE switch products produced by regular manufacturers are more particular in the selection of materials and the appearance design is more exquisite. The product shell can show the quality of the brand product and the professionalism of the manufacturer.


JHA Tech, are the original manufacturer has been dedicated to the R&D, production, and sale of Ethernet Switches, Media Converter, PoE Switch&Injector and SFP module and many related products for 17 years. Support OEM,ODM,SKD and so on. Has advantages in software development and frequent updates.


The stability and reliability of the switch mainly depends on the internal chip solution and circuit design. When choosing a product, you should look at whether the switch uses standard PoE power supply chips and high-quality components. Secondly, look at the circuit design and process of the product.


The switches produced by JHA all provide good after-sales service, allowing users to have no worries after purchasing the products. The manufacturer's service commitment can also prove that the product itself is of reliable quality and can stand the test. JHA Tech’s PoE switch have passed CE, FCC, ROHS and other international authoritative certifications. The products are stable and reliable, and can provide services such as lifelong warranty and full 20 technical support. Let users buy and use with confidence.


Security monitoring switches are generally outdoors for a long time and must adapt to complex environments such as wind, sand, rain, snow, and lightning. The products have high requirements for temperature, humidity, lightning resistance, and interference resistance. In order to prevent power failure and port failure during use of the switch, resulting in a high repair rate, the switch chip should choose a PoE power supply chip solution from an internationally renowned brand and configure a high-quality power supply for 6KV port lightning protection, power supply lightning protection and wide temperature design.


As the promoter and leader of dedicated PoE switches for smart security, JHA Tech has always spared no effort to popularize switch product knowledge, conduct PoE technology lectures, and promote the application of PoE technology in the industry. We hope that more users will truly feel its advantages and value by understanding and using PoE switches.



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