What is 1*9 optical module?

The 1*9 packaged optical module product was first produced in 1999. It is a fixed optical module product. It is usually directly cured (soldered) on the circuit board of the communication equipment and used as a fixed optical module. Sometimes it is also called a 9-pin or 9PIN optical module. .

As the name implies, this fiber optic module has nine PINs, which is the most common packaging form of early optical modules, and is also a type with a very large market demand. Multimode converters and some industrial control fields. Simply put, a 1×9 optical module is a communication device that uses light waves as the carrier wave and optical fibers as the transmission medium. It uses a light source to convert electrical signals into optical signals, which are input to the optical fiber for transmission. The signal is amplified, shaped and regenerated to restore the original electrical signal.



Post time: Sep-19-2022