Why can’t commercial Ethernet switches be used in extremely harsh environments?

In the industrial field, extreme temperatures may cut off the transmission of remote data streams. Ethernet switches play an important role in field transmission. However, due to their high prices, some customers will choose to use commercial-grade Ethernet switches, but this type of switch It is easy to cause failure in extreme environments. Why is this?

Commercial Ethernet switches have proven to be very fragile, because they were designed without considering the effects of extreme temperature, humidity, vibration, dust, and other harsh conditions, which are extremely common in remote environments. Unlike routing transmission, commercial-grade Ethernet switches often fail, such as automatically shutting down when faced with extreme conditions. This type of switch is mainly designed for data centers and wiring closets with a controllable environment, and is not suitable for outdoor use.


Faults caused by network operation are a headache, but to a large extent can be prevented. If an Ethernet switch that is seamlessly connected to the operating environment can be selected, the probability of network failures can be minimized. To successfully configure the requirements for switches and operations, a detailed understanding of the performance and limitations of commercial and industrial switches is required.


Post time: Dec-17-2021