Why Poe?

With the increasing popularity of IP phone, network video monitoring and wireless Ethernet equipment in the network, the requirement of providing power support through Ethernet itself is becoming more and more urgent. In most cases, the terminal equipment needs DC power supply, and the terminal equipment is usually installed in the ceiling or outdoor high from the ground. It is difficult to have a suitable power socket nearby. Even if there is a socket, the AC / DC converter required by the terminal equipment is difficult to be placed. In addition, in many large LAN applications, administrators need to manage multiple terminal devices at the same time. These devices need unified power supply and unified management. Due to the limitation of power supply location, it brings great inconvenience to power supply management. Ethernet power supply Poe just solves this problem.

Poe is a wired Ethernet power supply technology. The network cable used for data transmission has the ability of DC power supply at the same time, which can effectively solve the centralized power supply of terminals such as IP phone, wireless AP, portable device charger, card reader, camera and data acquisition. Poe power supply has the advantages of reliability, simple connection and unified standard:

Reliable: a Poe device can supply power to multiple terminal devices at the same time, so as to realize centralized power supply and power backup at the same time. Simple connection: the terminal equipment does not need external power supply, but only one network cable. Standard: comply with international standards and use the globally unified RJ45 power interface to ensure the connection with equipment from different manufacturers.


Post time: Mar-09-2022