How to solve the instability of POE switches

POE switches provide everyone with great convenience and speed, but because of the complete functions of POE switches, it is also not enough. The reliability of POE switches is also the most obvious factor in this deficiency. In order to better POE Switches can be more reliable, and everyone is also thinking about it, so what are the factors that affect the stability of POE switches?

1. The distance is not arranged

The power transmission distance of the PoE switch can reach 100 meters, but in practical application, in order to ensure better video effect, it is generally better to choose a distance of no more than 80 meters. If the distance used is 90 meters, 100 meters or more, the transmission effect will not be so good, and even packet loss will occur, which leads to the unstable PoE switch that everyone thinks.

2. PoE switch quality problem

Some friends have encountered the situation that the PoE switch is unstable in actual operation, which may be the quality problem of the purchased PoE switch. Now there are many types of PoE switches, and some people choose inferior PoE switches for cheap, which will definitely lead to video transmission problems, and instability is inevitable. When choosing a PoE switch, try to choose a brand with a certain reputation and professionalism.

3. The quality of the network cable is not good enough

Everyone knows that a PoE switch needs a Category 5 network cable or a Category 5 super network cable for transmission. Some people buy a network cable with poor quality, which directly leads to the instability of the monitoring system.

4. Not choosing the right PoE switch

PoE switches range from 4 ports to 24 ports, including 100M, 1000M, and some with 100M with gigabit concatenated ports. How to choose a switch, or how much bandwidth to choose? It requires a certain amount of professional knowledge. If you don’t choose the right PoE switch, instability is normal.


So how should the reliability of PoE switch applications be improved? In fact, it is not difficult: good quality network cable、PoE switch with excellent performance、Suitable power supply distance、Suitable power supply model specifications.

JHA, a switch manufacturer, can not only provide products with strong reliability, but also configure and customize the most suitable POE switches for customers according to their application needs, ensure the stability and cost-effectiveness of customers’ use, and ensure customers’ project operations.


Post time: May-16-2022