What are the main features and advantages of commonly used industrial switch products?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of industrial switch technology, it is widely used in many fields, especially in the three fields of power, transportation, and metallurgy. It is known as the three potential industries of industrial switch applications. Since the application of industrial switches With such a wide range of fields, what are the characteristics and advantages of industrial switches?

1. What is an industrial switch?
First of all, let’s understand what is an industrial switch? Industrial switches are also called industrial Ethernet switches. Due to their special working environment and functional requirements, industrial switches have many features that are not available in civilian and commercial switches. They have a rich product series and flexible port configuration, which can meet various industrial controls. The use requirements of the field.


2. What are the main advantages of industrial switch products?
1).Using industrial-grade components: Industrial switches have high requirements for component selection and must withstand harsh environments. Therefore, they can adapt well to industrial-grade environments and support industrial applications in various harsh environments.
2). Fast ring network and fast redundancy: Industrial switches generally have fast ring network and fast redundancy functions, and the system redundancy time can be less than 50ms. Although commercial products can also form a redundant network, the self-healing time is more than 10-30s, which cannot meet the use of industrial environments. For example, the self-healing time of the industrial ring network switch developed and produced by Utepu is at least 20ms.
3). Super anti-interference performance: Industrial-grade switches have strong anti-interference performance, can work in harsh electromagnetic environments, and have high levels of lightning protection, waterproofing, anti-corrosion, anti-impact, anti-static, etc. Protection level, while commercial-grade switches do not have these characteristics. For example, JHA’s 8-port POE full Gigabit industrial switch has 6KV lightning protection, industrial 4-level protection and anti-interference capabilities.
4). Adapt to a wide temperature environment: Industrial switches generally use a corrugated metal shell, which has better heat dissipation and stronger protection. It can work normally in the temperature range of -40°C—+75°C, and can well adapt to complex temperatures. And humidity. However, commercial switch products can only work in the range of 0°C—+50°C, which cannot meet the working requirements in harsh climate environments.
5). Redundant power supply design: Power supply is a very important part of industrial switches. Power failures generally account for more than 35% of the equipment failure rate. In order to avoid the trouble caused by power failures, industrial switches adopt a dual power supply redundancy design to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system. Commercial products generally use AC single power supply, which is not suitable for applications in industrial environments.
6). Long service life: Industrial switches adopt industrial-grade solutions from housing materials to supporting components, so the product has higher reliability and longer service life. The general service life is >10 years, while the service life of ordinary commercial switches is 3. -5 years.

Traditional Ethernet is not designed for industrial applications. At the beginning of the design, the adaptability of the industrial field environment was not considered. Therefore, in the face of harsh working environments such as weather and dust, the stability of ordinary commercial switches Will be greatly challenged. The emergence of industrial switches solves many problems of openness, real-time, synchronization, reliability, anti-interference and security, and becomes a transmission tool that can adapt to complex industrial environments and facilitate the deployment of industrial automation networks.


Post time: Dec-13-2021