1U Drawing Type Patch Panel

Short Description:

1U drawing type patchpanel is used in data center cabling region, and connected the ports with cable to the back of the panel. it is usually assembled in 19 inch frame rack and cabinet. You can assemble with Pheenet LC adapter panel. and it can finish 1U 96 cores splicing.



Technical Features ◆Drawing type desgin, with 3 flexible guide rail, operate more fluently and flexibly; ◆Can install 4 pcs adapter panel, and manage 96cores max; ◆Usually assembled with 2 layers fusion splice plates with ears, and can splice 48 cores accordingly. If for splicing 96 cores, we can provide 4 pcs thin fusion splice plates; ◆Produced with high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet, the main body’s depth is 1.2mm; ◆With cable management plate, more cabling ways.

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