What should be paid attention to when choosing a compatible optical module?

The optical module is the core accessory of the optical communication system and plays a vital role in optical fiber communication. It mainly completes the photoelectric conversion function. The quality of the optical module determines the transmission quality of the optical network. Inferior optical modules will have problems such as packet loss, unstable transmission, and optical attenuation. As we all know, compared with original optical modules, the price of compatible optical modules is much lower. Then choose what are the precautions for compatible optical modules?



1.The optical module device will be encrypted to a certain extent to match with its own device. Inclusive manufacturers need to perform different inclusive matching on the optical module to perfectly solve the matching problem.

2. Service life: The service life of a normal optical module is 5 years, depending on the usage of the optical module in terms of time, if there is a problem in about 1 or 2 years, then it can be roughly judged that the The quality of the module itself has a problem Or a used module.

3. Optical module performance: The performance indicators that affect the optical module mainly include average transmitted optical power, extinction ratio, optical signal center wavelength, overload optical power, receiving sensitivity, and receiving optical power. By detecting whether these values ​​are within the normal range The performance of the optical module can be judged. It can be viewed through DDM information. In addition, it can also be judged by whether the signal of the optical module is stable during transmission, whether there is delay, and whether there is packet loss.

4. Whether it is a second-hand module: When purchasing a compatible optical module, you must pay attention not to blindly pursue low prices. Second-hand modules often have various problems soon after they are used.

Post time: Mar-10-2023