Application market analysis of industrial switches in the transportation industry

In addition to the electric power industry, transportation is the scene where most industrial switches are used. In recent years, the country has invested heavily in transportation projects. At present, the construction of high-speed railways, expressways, and subways in the country are all proceeding on a large scale.

The rail transit part is a market opportunity for industrial switches

In terms of subway, as of the end of 2016, a total of 30 cities in my country have built rail transit, and 39 cities are building rail transit. After that, the subway market will increase every year.The business opportunities of industrial switches in the subway are mainly in the PIS (passenger information) system, AFC (automatic fare collection) system and ISCS (integrated monitoring) system. Mainly used in the central control room, subway dedicated communication channel, station monitoring center and information terminals on the station.According to estimates by industry insiders, the sales of industrial switches on each subway line is about 10 million (PIS 3 million, AFC 3 million, ISCS and other systems 4 million), and the annual total sales of subway industrial switch suppliers can reach up to 1 100 million. In addition to subways, inter-city railways are also developing rapidly. Industrial switches are not only used in the high-speed rail field for newly-built high-speed rail network parts and traditional network transformation, but also used in railway signal control, train marshalling, railway power monitoring and AFC systems.


Highway traffic is part of the market opportunity for industrial switches

Due to the increasing demand for informatization and humanized travel services within high-level highways, the innovation and development of highway electromechanical system construction are becoming more and more important. For the construction of the electromechanical system of the expressway, communication is an indispensable part of it. As the infrastructure of the communication system, electromechanical is the core of connecting various systems to realize humanized services and information construction.

The expressway full Netcom is mainly composed of optical fiber ring network, with the core of the three-layer Gigabit industrial Ethernet switch supporting the optical fiber ring network. The access points of each site use Layer 2 or Layer 3 switches to construct each service application subnet, and each application subnet is divided by VLAN to meet the needs of different services.

Expressway corresponding business can be divided into toll business, monitoring business, office business, telephone business, conference business and video surveillance business, each business requires a corresponding computer to form a local area network.

Other traffic markets

The transportation market also includes other transportation markets such as ship network systems and urban intelligent transportation. For example, in the current construction of a safe city, the electronic monitoring in the construction of urban intelligent transportation is also a huge market for industrial switches. The network access part of the surveillance camera set at each intersection is the market for industrial switches. As for how many intersections in China need to be set up for intelligent electronic monitoring, the market demand will be in the hundreds of millions in terms of the current situation.



Post time: Aug-02-2021